Section 1:  This Chapter is called the Benning Bass Club (BBC).


Section 2:  The BBC is established as a private organization (PO).


  1. Programs and activities will not prejudice or discredit the military service or other agencies of the United States Government.


  1. The nature and authorized function of the BBC, together with provisions for proper disposition of residual assets and liabilities upon dissolution, are established in the Constitution and Bylaws, charter, or articles of agreement.


Section 3:  The objective of the BBC is to establish an organization that fosters a sense of fraternity among members and former members.  Improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth fishing, and a love for this link with other chapters embracing the principles and purpose of Georgia Bass Chapter Federation (GBCF).


Section 4:  This constitution supersedes all previous constitutions effective 25 MAR 2014.




Section 1:  The BBC is self-sustaining and will receive no financial assistance from a non-appropriated fund instrumentality in the form of contributions, repairs, services, dividends, or other donations of money or other assets.


Section 2:  The BBC is a financially self-sustaining non-governmental organization, established and operated by individuals acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Government.


Section 3:  The property of the BBC shall consist of such articles as may properly come into its possession. The Treasurer will account for all non-expendable property.


Section 4:  The Recording Secretary will maintain a historical file consisting of the following permanent records.


  1. Original Constitution with all current revisions.


  1. Original Bylaws with all current revisions.


  1. Records of approval of Constitution and Bylaws and all amendments thereto.


  1. Current list of members.


  1. A copy of the last audit if required


Section 5:  All records of the BBC, excluding permanent files and the uncompleted checkbook, will be kept on a calendar year basis, and held at least three (3) years after which time they may be destroyed.    The checkbook is kept with related records when it is completed.


Section 6:  The Chapter will neither propagate extremist activities nor advocate violence against other or the violent overthrow of the Government.


Section 7:   The Chapter will not seek to deprive an individual from their civil rights.





Section 1:  Elected officers of BBC are the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 2:  The President will appoint chairpersons of each standing committee.


Section 3:  Nominations, elections, terms of office and duties are outlined in the Bylaws.


Section 4:  The BBC will be administered in accordance with this approved Constitution and Bylaws and other applicable government and state directives under the supervision of the Executive Committee.


Section 5:  The Executive Committee will consist of the elected officers and the Tournament Director.  The Executive Committee shall carry out the purpose and objectives of the BBC by approving the transaction of its routine business in accordance with the approved Constitution and established policies and shall make and enforce such Bylaws as are necessary for the government of the BBC. The supervision and administration of the affairs of the BBC shall be vested in an Executive Committee.  They will discuss and decide the club’s courses of action on all business and other items that require decisions and do not require a vote of the general membership by the Constitution and By Laws.  Decisions of the Executive Committee are presented to the membership and are final unless challenged by a member.  If challenged, a vote of the membership shall decide the issue. The President appoints the Tournament Director.


Section 6:  Only elected officers and the Tournament Director are voting members of the Executive Committee.




Section 1:  Membership in the BBC is voluntary.  The BBC shall begin with at least 10 but no more than 25 charter members.  Membership shall not be limited except as determined by the general membership. Membership in the BBC shall be divided between the following two classes:


  1. Charter Membership:  Charter membership shall be limited to those individuals designated in the records of the club and who have been a member since the clubs inception and no other member shall receive such a title of designation.  Charter membership shall entitle the holder thereof to the title “Charter Member” and to the same rights and privileges as a General Member.


  1. General Membership:  General membership shall entitle the holder thereof to the right to attend all general and special meetings, the right to hold office, the right to participate in all club functions and activities.


Section 2: There is no membership discrimination based on race, color, gender, sex, religion, disability or national origin.   The use of male pronouns in this document is a matter of convenience and in no way implies intent to discriminate against women.


Section 3:  All members are required to read the Constitution and Bylaws as a condition for membership.


Section 4:  General Membership shall be open by meeting and showing proof of one of the 4 items below.


  1. Active duty and Retired military (ID card required )


  1. Active and retired DOD civilians (ID card required )


  1. Discharged veterans with an honorable characterization of service (DD 214



  1. Family members of the above (By establishing reasonable proof of a, b, or c.).


Section 5:  To become a general member, a person must be a minimum of 16 years of age and voluntarily express an interest in membership.  Be recommended by a member at a meeting, have high character, and be willing to ACCEPT and PROMOTE the purpose of the club, described in Article I.  Participate in an orientation fishing trip where the goals and objectives of the club are explained and affirmed by the membership at the meeting following the application for membership.  Purchase a uniformed club sponsored shirt and hat. All members in good standing must maintain a current membership in FLW Outdoors and have paid both the current yearly dues of the BBC, and The Bass Federation Inc (TBF).


  1. The club will make an order 1 or more times a year for these shirts. If a member joins the club after this order is made, they can either wait until the next order is placed or purchase one themselves.


  1. These items will remain in effect for a period of three years (2011-2013) before any changes can be made.




Section 6: LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP will be awarded to club members with at least 10 years of good standings in the Benning Bass Club who have attained the impressive age of 65 years. The BBC honors its Senior Members accomplishments and affords them with the dignity and respect they’ve earned as senior member of the BBC by bestowing them with Lifetime Membership. Lifetime membership is granted to these members to encourage them to remain active with the BBC, honor their years of service to the sport and their accomplishments. Lifetime Members are particularly encouraged to continue to supporting club social events and provide teaching, coaching and mentorship to club members. Lifetime Members mission is to provide the BBC continuity and serve as an interactive link to our rich history.


  1. FISHING OPTIONS – Lifetime members may choose from 3 options regarding

dues each year.



This option is for the Lifetime Members who desire to remain a boater and

compete for a seat at the State Top 6.  ACB Lifetime Members are exempt from

BBC Dues but must pay tournament entry fees, FLW dues, TBF dues and

maintain boat insurance with the mandatory $300k coverage. This option

enables them to earn points for each tournament, win money and compete for a

seat on the Top 6.



This option is for the Lifetime Member who desires to remain a fisherman but as a non-boater and continues competing for a seat at the State Top 6.  ACNB Lifetime Members are exempt from BBC Dues but must pay tournament entry fees, FLW Dues and TBF dues. This option enables the member to earn points for each tournament, win money and compete for a seat on the Top 6.



This option is for the Lifetime Member who simply wants to fish club tournaments but not compete for the State Top 6. Under the NCF option Lifetime members are exempt from BBC, FLW, TBF Dues.  Under the NCF option, these members may continue fishing club tournaments as a non-boater.  NCF lifetime members fishing as nonboaters are governed by all rules and policies applicable to guests. Although Lifetime Members who select to fish in this capacity may not compete for points or money due to their placing in the tournament they are eligible to enter the Big Fish pot.


LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP STATUS Club Dues FLW Dues TBF Dues $300k insurance Tournament Entry Fees Big Fish


Section 7:  Members may resign by merely notifying (orally) one of the elected officers.  It is requested that the member provide to the President, in writing, their reason(s) for resigning.  This will be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration of club procedures and or possible disciplinary action against other members.


Section 8:  A member that was in good standing will be reinstated without further qualifications, i.e., members who depart and are reassigned to Fort Benning; a member whose status of active duty military or family member changes.




Section 1:  The revenue necessary to pursue the objectives described in Article I shall be derived from revenue-producing activities when required, approved, and conducted under the guidance and supervision of the Executive Committee, dues, and from voluntary contributions. Dues, profits from the sales of club packets, and profits from the monthly tournaments will be the primary source of income for the club operations.  The Treasurer will inform the members of the BBC annually on the funding scheme and breakdown of tournament entry fee funds.


Section 2:  The club shall operate on a calendar year, 1 January ‑ 31 December.  Personnel desiring to continue membership will ensure their dues are paid to the Treasurer no later than 15 December of each year.  Dues for becoming a member of the club after 1 February will be assessed at the rate of 1/12th the annual dues for each month thereafter through December.




Section 1:  In order to accomplish the objectives in Article I, the activities of the BBC will include: (any of which can be combined)


  1. Scheduled tournaments.


  1. Awards banquet.


  1. Family Day fish fry.


  1. Youth and Environmental functions.


  1. Suitable publications to maintain interest in BBC activities.


  1. Presentation of mementoes to visitors and members of the BBC and to promote

friendship and continued interest in the BBC.


  1. Correspondence, publicity, and activities to promote awareness of the BBC.


  1. The Georgia BASS Chapter Federation Harry Hall Memorial Top Six Tournament.


  1. Other activities as are appropriate to the objectives of the BBC.




Section 1:  Membership Meetings will be conducted twice monthly at a time and place designated by the President.   A quorum of at least 51 percent of the active, dues paying members, are required for any issue called to a vote.  A motion will remain chaired until the member retracts his motion or until there is a quorum of at least 40% of active members at a regular or special meeting; at which time a vote will be conducted.


Section 2: A member will receive points for attendance during regular and special meetings.  Points awarded are added to the cumulative tournament points to determine club standings. A member must be in attendance for at least half of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting or special meeting to be eligible to receive points.  A member will receive points as follows.


  1. a) For attendance at regularly scheduled monthly meetings, 15 points.


  1. b) For attending any “special meeting/event” called by the president, 30 points.


  1. c) If a member is representing the club at a Georgia BASS Chapter Federation state

level event that coincides with a club tournament, that member will be awarded

299 points for the club tournament.


  1. d) For members supporting the Benning Junior Bass Club tournaments, they will

accumulate attendance points (15 points per tournament supported) for regularly

scheduled monthly meetings.  Points accumulated by supporting the Junior Bass

Club tournaments cannot exceed the total cumulative attendance points a

member is eligible to receive during the year for regularly scheduled monthly

meetings, if a member is absent and has accumulated meeting points by

supporting the Junior Club tournaments, the Secretary will annotate the member

as present.  Points accumulated are not retroactive; a member must have

accumulated points before a member is annotated as present for the regularly

scheduled monthly meeting.  Under the circumstances that a Benning Junior

Bass Club tournament conflicts with a Benning Bass Club special meeting where

points are awarded.  Members supporting the Benning Junior Bass Club

tournament will be awarded the same points as the members attending the

special meeting, but not receive the standard 15 points per tournament



  1. e) For any regularly or special meeting missed while conducting business

associated with the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation.  The executive committee

makes the final determination if members are eligible to receive regularly, special

meeting or tournament points associated with conducting Georgia Bass Chapter

Federation business.


Section 3:  Executive Committee Meetings will meet as required as designated by the President.  A quorum is a majority of the voting members of the Committee.  The vote of the majority of the quorum present will govern.  Any board member can call a special meeting of the Executive Committee, with the approval of the President.


Section 4:  Before the closing of each meeting, the time and place of the next meeting shall be designated by the President.  In the event of an emergency, or otherwise, a special meeting may be called by the President.  The Secretary shall notify all members of the special meeting.


Section 5:  Wherever the term “members” is used throughout the Constitution and By Laws in connection with voting at membership meetings, the term shall refer to Charter and General members.


Section 6:  Each member of the club in good standing shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the club.  The President may vote only in case of a tied ballot.


Section 7:  Robert Rules of Order (Revised Edition) will act as a guideline for all meetings and club operations. The President has the final authority to decide points of order.




Section 1:  This Constitution is effective upon adoption in a duly constituted regular or special meeting of the General Membership and a majority vote of the voting members present. This Constitution then supersedes all previous constitutions and amendments except that it shall not affect officers elected nor a specific agreements and contracts entered into under the terms of previous constitutions until such terms of agreement or contracts have reached their expiration date.


Section 2:  Notice of amendments to the Constitution must be made at the regular meeting prior to presentation for a vote at a regular or special meeting of the general membership.


Section 3:  Amendments to the Constitution must be approved by a majority of the members present and voting in a duly constituted regular or special meeting of the General Membership


Section 4:  Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee present and voting in a duly constituted meeting.  A member desiring to propose an amendment shall present the same in writing with his signature to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall consider the amendment at its next meeting.



Section 1:  The insurance underwriters via membership in TBF insure the BBC Members may also be held personally liable for claims and legal actions that arise as a result of the activities of the organization or one or more of its members acting on its behalf. The Chapter shall ensure all State and jurisdictional laws are met.  All members are required to sign a statement acknowledging their individual personal liability in the event BBC assets are insufficient to discharge all BBC liabilities.  Additionally, members that use a boat during any club tournament are required to sign a statement acknowledging they maintain a minimum of $300,000 of watercraft liability insurance or  $100,000 with a $1,000,000 umbrella insurance clause which is required by the GBCF, and is required to produce documentation attesting to same to the tournament director to keep on hand prior to the draw for a tournament they wish to use their boat in.  Failure to provide valid insurance paperwork will result in a boater not being able to fish their boat in club tournaments. New members with boats will have until the first tournament they are eligible to fish to produce their insurance paperwork in order to fish their boat.




Section 1:  Upon dissolution of the BBC by an affirmative vote of a majority of the General Membership present, without any provision to meet again in the future, the funds in the treasury at the time will be used to meet any outstanding debts, liabilities, or obligations.  The balance will be disposed of as determined by the membership.  This liquidation may result in a personal liability on the part of individual members.  In the event that BBC liabilities exceed assets, individual members will be personally liable for his pro rata shares of the outstanding liabilities.



This Constitution was approved by the Membership at a regular meeting held on

25 MARCH 2014___.      In witness whereof the following officers affix their signatures.



President ________________________________________



Vice President ____________________________________



Secretary ________________________________________



Treasurer ________________________________________

President – James Doyle                                                  Vice President – Kevin Clarke

Secretary – Tony Winterfeld                                             Treasurer – Dave Shepherd