Section 1:  The duties of the officers shall be those implied by respective titles, those prescribed by the Constitution of the BBC, and those specified by these Bylaws.  An officer having held office for one full term shall be eligible to hold that same office for the following term.


Section 2:  President – The President shall preside at the meetings of the BBC and of the Executive Committee and shall be a member (ex-officio) of all committees and direct all official business.  Appoint, direct, and provide guidance to all committees and supervise all BBC functions.  He shall, with the Treasurer, review all contracts and obligations authorized by the Executive Committee.  The amount of disbursements requiring a co-signature should be determined by the PO membership.  The President shall appoint all standing and special committee chairmen, unless otherwise stated in the Bylaws.


Section 3:  Vice President – The Vice President shall assist the President and perform the duties of the President in his absence.  He shall perform any other duties that the President may assign.  Should the office of the President be vacated, he shall assume the duties of that office.  The Executive Committee shall then appoint a successor to this office as prescribed by Section 4 of this article.  Act as chairman of the membership committee and perform all duties associated with new members. Will Record the minutes of the meeting in the absence of the Secretary, present each new member with a copy of the Constitution, Bylaws and the Tournament rules to read and perform other duties as assigned by the President.


Section 4:  Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and their proceedings.  He shall keep a record of the minutes of the Executive Committee.  Executive Committee minutes will include the names of all members not in attendance at each session.  He shall provide or read minutes of the Executive Committee meetings as determined by the Executive Committee for the information of the General Membership. He shall be responsible for administering any telephone votes as per Article II, Section 2, of the Bylaws of this Constitution and for properly entering such action and its, results in an addendum to the minutes to be read the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting.  He shall be responsible for maintaining the permanent file as stated in Article II, Section 5, of the Constitution.  He shall deliver to his successor all records and files.  If the President and Vice President are absent from the Executive Committee meeting, he shall call the meeting to order and preside until the election of a temporary chairman is made by the Committee Members.  He shall prepare all ballots for the elections, and keep the official records of membership.  The Secretary shall also maintain liaison between the BBC, the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation (GBCF) Secretary and District Director and The Bass Federation. Will record info from newly joined members and will have new members sign a document acknowledging that all governing documents (Constitution, Bylaws and Tournament Rules) have been read and understood. These documents will be updated yearly.


Section 5:  Treasurer – The Treasurer shall keep an itemized account of all receipts, disbursements, and all supporting vouchers and records.  He shall collect all accounts receivable, such as dues and any other funds accrued.  He shall disburse the association’s funds as may be directed by the Executive Committee.  He shall present a financial report to the Executive Committee when requested or directed by the President. He shall sign all contract obligations and disbursements authorized by the Executive Committee. He shall render a financial report (orally or written) monthly to the General Membership.  He shall present a written financial report at the last general meeting of the year.  An audit will be conducted, at the expense of the BBC every two-years.  The Treasurer will maintain a checking account in the name of the BBC at an appropriate fiduciary, sign checks for approved expenditures, and record all property that shall come into the possession of the club.  Perform other duties as assigned by the President.


Section 6:  These bylaws supersede all previous bylaws effective 12 May 2015.




Section 1: The officers designated by Article III of the Constitution are elected from and by the membership at the 2d meeting in November for a term of one year from the date of election.  All active members may vote at a meeting constituted under Article VII of the Constitution. Each member of the club in good standing shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the club.  The President may vote only in case of a tied ballot. Nominations will be made by the membership present.  Each office shall be voted upon in descending order and election shall be by a simple majority vote of the members voting.


Section 2:  The President will have the authority to conduct a vote by telephone of the voting members of the Executive Committee in the event of the requirement of an immediate decision of such urgency to preclude a called meeting per Article VII, Section 2, of the constitution.  A quorum of the voting members must be polled.  A majority of those members polled is required to reach a decision.  The telephonic vote is to be administered solely by the recording secretary.  Each voting member must be informed that this is a voting procedure and must be read the motion under consideration in its complete form.  The polling should be conducted with dispatch.  All telephonic votes are to be reflected in the minutes as stipulated in Article I, Section 4, of the bylaws of the constitution.  The minutes shall include the exact wording of the motion, the names of those voting members who could not be contacted, and an exact accounting of the vote.


Section 3:  Excluding the office of President, Presidential Appointment shall fill any office vacated before the expiration of the term.  The appointee shall serve the remaining term of the individual vacating the office.




The Executive Committee establishes the dues in such amounts as deemed necessary to achieve the clubs goals.  Voluntary contributions may be sought from time to time for worthy endeavors.




Section 1:  Standing and special committees may be created, changed, or abolished at the direction of the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.


Section 2:  Committee chairmen shall appoint their own committee members.


Section 3:  The President shall within two meetings after his election appoint his standing Committee Chairmen.  The standing committees are Tournament, Social, Entertainment, Public Affairs, Youth and Environment.


Section 4:  These committees conduct the club’s activities as outlined by the President and will receive guidance from the President.  Only the President is empowered to remove a person from his duties unless a verbal or written resignation is submitted.




Section 1:  The treasurer’s books are subject to audit by a qualified auditor every two-years.


Section 2:  The Executive Committee will not incur any financial obligations that extend beyond its term in office.


Section 3:  In no event will the United States Government be held liable, in fact or in spirit, for any indebtedness incurred by the members of the BBC.


Section 4:  BBC normal operating cost will be paid by the Treasurer. The minutes of regular meetings will reflect the approval of expenditures exceeding $500.00.  Expenditures of over $500.00 must be approved by the General membership and recorded in the minutes.


Section 5:  The Executive Committee shall ensure that all disbursements are within the purpose for which the BBC was established, in accordance with sound business practices, and within the budget.


Section 6:  The membership year shall run from 1 January through 31 December.


Section 7:  The BBC does not qualify as a tax-exempt organization and as such is required to pay federal, state and local taxes on authorized expenditures.


Section 8:  The BBC is responsible for ensuring applicable fire and safety regulations, environmental laws, local, State, and Federal tax codes, and any other applicable statutes and regulations are complied with.



Section 1:  Funds will be allocated to finance awards and gifts as outlined in Article VI of the Constitution.


Section 2:  During the annual awards banquet the following awards are presented to members or friends of the Benning Bass Club.


  1. Sportsman of the Year Award Plaque (determined by the executive committee, based on a member’s or a friend’s outstanding contribution in supporting the BBC).

(1) The Sportsman of the Year Award is designated as the “Benning Bass Club Jack Pines Sportsman of the Year Award” for his many years of outstanding contribution to the Benning Bass Club and as a multiple recipient of the award.


  1. Angler of the Year Title Plaque (determined the highest finishers in the yearly standings comprised of tournament, meeting and special meeting points)

(1) The Angler of the Year Title is designated as the “Benning Bass Club Bob Billman Angler of the Year Title” for his many years of outstanding contribution to the Benning Bass Club.


  1. Big Fish Award Plaque (determined by the heaviest Bass weighed in during a BBC tournament in the year).


  1. Second – Twelfth Certificates (determined by the yearly standings comprised of tournament, meeting and special meeting points).


  1. Rookie of The Year Certificate (determine by the highest new member finisher in the yearly standings comprised of tournaments, meetings and special meeting points during their 1st full year in the BBC running from January to December).

(1) The Rookie of the Year Certificate is designated as the “Benning Bass Club Henry A. Ferris Rookie of the Year” for his many years of outstanding contribution to the Benning Bass Club.


  1. All commemorative awards are named as such for a period of 10 years starting May 2015, and not to exceed 25 years. Then the club can motion to rename the awards for people that have more recently impacted the club.




Section 1: All members of the BBC shall exercise rational and acceptable behavior at all BBC functions.

  1. Firearms shall not be allowed at any function/activity of the BBC.
  2. Alcoholic Beverages; All BBC members shall practice moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages during all BBC functions/activities. No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed in boats during the conduct of BBC Tournaments.
  3. Members are financially liable for any verbal commitments made for the Benning Bass Club reserved lodging during club sponsored tournaments & events.

Section 2: Punishment (other than suspension or expulsion) of members for violation of the provisions of the Constitution and By Laws and other rules and regulations of the BBC shall be determined and imposed by the Executive Committee.

Section 3: In the event of any infraction or violation by a member/club of the provisions of the Constitution and By Laws or other rules and regulations of the BBC, or any other conduct on the part of a member which may tend to jeopardize and endanger the good order of the Federation, such member may be expelled or suspended by majority vote of the Executive Committee. In the event of suspension, the period thereof shall be specifically defined and the suspended member shall be notified in writing. In the event of a charge which warrants expulsion the member will be notified by written notice at least three (3) days prior to the vote thereon.

Section 4 (Charges): In the event any member shall present to the Executive Committee a charge against any member of a violation or infraction as set forth in these By Laws, the following procedures shall govern:

  1. All charges shall be presented to the Executive Committee in writing. A reasonable investigation concerning the charges shall be conducted by the Executive Committee prior to consideration.
  2. Prior to consideration of such charges against a member by the Executive Committee, an opportunity shall be given to the charged party in question to be present/represented at the meeting of the Executive Committee at which such charges against the party are considered.
  3. Prior to vote on the charges by the Executive Committee the charged party may make such defense against the charges as he desires provided it is lawful and reasonable.

Section5:  Financially liability, if determined by the executive committee that a member is financially liable for lodging, said member will be suspended until restitution is made to the grievous party / parties.


These Bylaws were approved by the Membership at a regular meeting held on _12 May  2015___.   In witness where of the following officers affix their signatures.


President _______________________________________________

Vice President ___________________________________________

Secretary _______________________________________________

Treasurer _______________________________________________


President – James Doyle                                                  Vice President – Kevin Clarke

Secretary – Tony Winterfeld                                             Treasurer – Dave Shepherd